2023  NextTier Travel Teams 9U through 13U

and High School Level


Building Better Athletes to get to the NextTier

Register for a Tryout!

Click on the link above to sign in or create an account.

Then go to Scheduling and then Appointments.

Tryouts are private 1 hour sessions - 45 minute workout

and a 15 minutes for questions.  

You can bring up to 2 players (siblings or friends).

Tryouts cost $40.


9U through 11U:

Games and Tournaments in May and June

1 practice per week from January through the end of the season

Uniforms (2 jerseys plus a hat)

12U and 13U: 

4 Tournaments in May and June 

1 indoor practice per week from January through the end of the season

Uniforms (2 jerseys plus a hat)

High School Players:

6 Tournaments during the summer

Elite Training Program

Uniforms (2 jerseys plus a hat)

All Players:

Arm Care (Pitching/Throwing) Program starts in October

No Offseason Baseball Coaches will coach team practices and games (with certain exceptions)

Per Player Price: TO BE DETERMINED

Training Only Prices: $1250 

FAQ: Who will want "training only"? 

Answer 1: Younger players who are participating on a community based travel team

who want extra training with the possibility of a few extra games.

Answer 2: Older players who are pitchers only or who are playing (i) in the B League in Ohio, (ii) on an out of

town travel team, (iii) on a legion type team.

NextTier Baseball is looking for players who are coachable, hard working, athletic, love the game and want to be the best players tomorrow.

Because we are focused on player and athletic development, we want to provide players with the flexibility to work with coaches privately a second day on individual skills.

We also expect and encourage players to play another sport during the fall and/or winter.

John Finke, the Travel Team Director, will work with families on how to manage player development within each family's time constraints, budget and player goals.


Fall Ball for 14 and Under: $250

Fall Ball for High School Players: $280 (includes unlimited batting cage usage during September)

Extra July Tournaments (youth teams only): $75 plus the extra cost of tournaments

Additional training based on each player's goals.