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We offer many different membership plans:

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Our Batting Cage Members receive the most favorable pricing on private baseball instruction and other eligible programming.

Batting Cage Membership Plan

For players who want to hit several times per week on a first come, first served basis, the Batting Cage Membership is the best option. 

Batting cage members are free to use batting cages whenever they are not in use according to the rules below. 


Please click on the FACILITY SCHEDULE BUTTON below to find out when batting cages are available.

All batting cage members will receive a key FOB so they can use the facility daily from 8 am to 11 pm.

Batting Cage Membership Plan Rules (at the 418 Route 228 Facility)

1. Memberships are "family memberships" (mom, dad, kids - no friends).

2. Due to COVID, members are NOT permitted to bring any trainers or friends to the building.  If a friend wants to come, they can purchase a one month membership or a batting cage rental.

3.  If another member is waiting for a cage, limit your time to 20 minutes.  

4.  Ask Chuck before using the turf or a field.  

5.  Bring your own "bucket" for turf.

6.  Ask Chuck before using the HitTrax.

7.  Cages are available first come, first served, based on a published schedule.

8.  Pricing:

     *$900 for a one year membership if paid in full

     *$125 for a one month membership (2 month minimum commitment)

     *$150 for a one month non auto renewing membership (College Students can book this and use the facility from Thanksgiving through the end of their Christmas break)

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