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Get ahead

All DIAMOND DOMINANCE, POWER BASE AND JR POWER BASE strength sessions are at 418 Route 228, Mars, PA

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Get ahead 

Get stronger, more powerful . . . Improve performance

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Jr. Power Base
Build your Base

4th, 5th and 6th graders 

50 minute sessions

Develop basic movement patterns while having fun

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Power Base
Prepare to dominate the diamond 

7th and 8th graders

50 minute sessions

Develop strength, speed and power for peak performance on the field

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For High School Athletes Only

8th graders can participate with the approval of our trainers.  It is required that any 8th graders participate in Power Base before enrolling in Diamond Dominance 

Come train with other serious baseball players.  Upon signing up for the program, each player will work with our trainers to set up goals and a workout plan.

Players will be encouraged to work out up to 3 times per week.  Players (not their parents) will be expected to work with Coach Alex on a schedule.

Although every workout plan will be customized based on the goals of the athlete, these are small group training sessions - not personal training.

This is a year round strength program for baseball players.  We tailor the workouts to the different times of the year (in season and out of season).  


In addition to sessions in our building, we have options where athletes can work out with our coaches twice a month and then work out closer to home with a program provided by our trainers.  This is only for athletes who are experienced.

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