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Jr. Speed, Strength and Conditioning

Ages 8 to 10 years old

50 minute sessions

Develop basic movement patterns while having fun

Max of 6 athletes per session

5 pm to 6 pm

Session 1 on Mondays from January 10 through February 28

Session 2 on Wednesdays from January 12 through March 2

$120 for 8 sessions


Middle School Speed, Strength and Conditioning

Ages 11 through 13 years old

50 minute sessions

Develop strength, speed and power for peak performance on the field

Max of 6 athletes per session

5 pm to 6 pm

Session 1 on Tuesdays from January 11 through March 1

Session 2 on Thursdays from January 13 through March 3

$120 for 8 sessions



Elite Training

For High School Baseball Players Only

Come train with other serious baseball players.  Upon signing up for the program, each player will work with Coach Alex to set up goals and a workout plan.

Players will be encouraged to work out up to 3 times per week.  Players (not their parents) will be expected to work with Coach Alex on a schedule.

Players also will have access to the No Offseason Baseball batting cages for baseball skills. 


Based on coach availability, No Offseason Baseball coaches may be available to throw live pitching or to manage bullpen sessions.  


Although every workout plan will be customized based on the goals of the athlete, these are small group training sessions - not personal training.


Prior to registering for this program, please confirm with Coach Alex that this program is a good fit.  


Price: $175 per month


Note, It is recommended that athletes commit to this program for a minimum of 3 months.


Training Times will be at 4 pm and at 7:30 pm Monday through Friday starting on the Tuesday after Labor Day.